Tea Part For Last English Lesson.


So, today was our last English lesson of the year. It was pretty emotional to be honest. After spending two hours of reading The Bloody Chamber and trying to do some last minute revision for our ALevel exam, I just wanted to run out of that classroom and never turn back; but then our teacher told us that we would be spending the third hour having a tea party!

How cool is that?

It really got us into the Jubilee spirit. Our teacher, as posh as he is, got all these vintage tea cups that were probably borrowed from his grandmother - who, mind you, we now know a lot about thanks to his indulging life stories - and then offered us all yummy Jammy Dodgers.... oh, and crackers.
The crackers had raisins in the middle, they almost made me puke since I HATE raisins, but you only live once, so what the hell!

It was a good way to end my time in sixth form. An end of an era!

I actually enjoyed analysing literature, even though at times I really didn't want to turn up to the lessons and couldn't wait for them to end. But now that, THE end has come, I could honestly say that I will miss those endless three hours of english. And the strict teachings of my lovely teacher.

But I guess his intimidating ways, will have to wait for another upload; it's worth having a whole section dedicated for him. If he ever comes to reading this, I hope he'll realise that I really did appreciate his teachings, and he was pretty "ite".

I believe "ite" was on his 'Banned Words' list so if he ever does come to reading this, he'll be telling me off for using that. Yes, he had a banned words list.

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