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Hi everyone! So on Saturday I went to my first ever blogger event organised by the fabulous Scarlett London at DSTRKT in Soho and I came back with so many goodies which I will show you at the end. My arm literally felt like it was going to fall off!

Before I start with showing you all what was inside the bags, I want to just talk about the #BloggersBall for a sec. So it was a glitzy ball themed event where various different brands came together to showcase their products and give bloggers the opportunity to chat with them, find out more about their products and even network and collaborate. The atmosphere was really chilled and friendly, that it didn't matter if you were by yourself as there was always someone to talk to.

I must admit that I was slightly nervous to attend the ball on my own at first because, as I said, it was my first ever event and I did't really know how to approach brands or even talk about my blog. But to be honest, I was worrying for nothing. I met some amazing people there and got chatting to brands straight away.

Since it was a glitzy event, everyone really made an effort to dress up. I must say that all bloggers looked amazing in their outfits! This is what I wore:

The palazzo trousers I found at a charity shop and the top and wedges are from Primark! I'm all up for a bargain here, haha! It was a really comfortable outfit, and I'm glad I opted for trousers rather than a dress because it was slightly cold even if we're in the middle of June.

Anyway, as we entered the venue (I say 'we' because I came in with five other girls whom I had met up for lunch beforehand) we were greeted by Scarlett herself who was handing out a brand directory guide to us and thanking us for coming. We were then lead inside where we were greeted to a free drink from Luscombe which was really nice. I tried the Raspberry Crush which was made from organic fruits and tasted so good, I wanted to try all the flavours but resisted because I didn't want to finish their samples!

This is where I separated from the gang and I can't even remember how; there were so many people that I just got lost in the crowd. But I actually bumped into them later, which was good. Meanwhile, I went to TOAD Diaries who gave me a promo code to customise my very own diary for free! I obviously did so straight away, and now I can't wait for it to arrive and blog about it. (So keep an eye out for that review!)

On my way to the bar, I stopped by The Handbag Spa who had a Mulberry bag made out of CAKE! There were also two girls dressed as Chanel bags walking around who I managed to get a snap of. They looked so cute!

Each brand had a little something to give out to us, some were more generous than other in the sense that they gave us so many of their products for us to try that I felt like I was getting spoilt. All the brands I spoke to were so kind and passionate about their brands that I spent almost ten minutes at each stand listening to them talk about their products. It was really nice getting to know brands that I hadn't heard of before.

One brand I particularly loved was Jody Bell, because I was made to feel like a model when asked to try out an outfit. But I will talk about the brand in more detail next time as I'm waiting for the pictures to be sent to me. Scarlett was actually wearing a jumpsuit by them which looked great on her, and she features in their promo video too!

Jewellery Box had such beautiful, cute and dainty jewellery on their stand that I absolutely loved, especially their dinosaur necklaces!

All in all, it was fabulous event. It really was amazing hanging out with people who genuinely understand what you do and not just smile and nod. I'm also super glad I went to the lunch beforehand which was organised by the lovely Vanisha, because I met some amazing people who I can't wait to see again!

Now onto the goodie bags! I'll be reviewing all of these products shown below very soon, so do come back to see what I had to say. But for now, it's just a mini peak at what I got.

Lastly, a massive thank you to Scarlett for organising this fantastic event at this fabulous venue in central London. It was so nice speaking to her and I'll definitely keep an eye out for any other events she'll be organising. If you want to come to one of her events check out her page here; there's a Bloggers Festival coming up in September which I plan to go to, so do come along if you haven't been. It's honestly not as scary as it may sound!

Laila xo

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  1. Those pants are to die for - you looked lovely! :) xo

  2. Oh wow, that event sounds amazing, I'm so jealous! I've never been to a blogging event yet but hopefully one day I'll get to go - looks like you had a fab time! Also, you look FAB in the pic, excellent outfit choice - can't beat a good bargain :) lovely post, I'm looking forward to seeing what goodies you came away with!

    Rebecca xx
    - www.thestyleshake.com -

  3. it sounds amazing!!! wish to be there in september!

    xx from Brighton
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope | youtube | Enter my Charlotte Tilbury GIVEAWAY here

  4. Ah wish I'd attended, looks amazing! I'm going to the bloggers festival on Saturday & can't wait! Hopefully see you there 😀



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