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I was gifted these products by Vatika at #BloggersBall (read about the event here) and despite not having heard of this brand before, I was very keen on trying them out.

My hair, first of all, is very dry at the ends because of the numerous amount of times I have dyed it; so when I told the haircare specialist about it, she recommended me to try the coconut enriched hair oil to help nourish my hair and increase its volume, as well as the egg protein hair mask to moisturise my damaged ends.

Vatika products are made from natural ingredients aiming to nourish and take care of all types of hair. Their products all contain herbs which focus on maintaining the hair naturally nourished and restoring its healthy look.

The coconut element in the hair oil helps reduce protein loss as well as help strengthen and thicken the hair. It gives you the option to use it onto damp hair before shampooing it out to add volume, but I instead left it overnight which proved to be more successful. I only used it on the ends of my hair, and on the following day I could feel that it was looking much smoother and silkier. I used it twice a week and noticed that it reduced the frizziness at the ends of my hair which I was very happy about. I read on their guide that melting a small amount of the oil before adding it to the hair helps penetrate deep into the shaft and restore its strength and maximise its volume. I'll definitely be trying this technique out next.

The Egg Protein Hair Mask contains both egg and honey in its conditioner. The egg provides the necessary proteins to repair damaged ends and strengthen the hair itself. The honey is a natural moisturiser that softens the hair immediately. I firstly shampooed my hair and then added the mask once I had gotten out of the shower. I used it on the ends of my hair while it was still damp and then wrapped a towel around my head and left it in for about 20 minutes. When I washed it out, I instantly felt that my hair was much smoother and when it naturally dried up, it looked much healthier and felt more nourished. Another great thing about this product is that it smells really nice and not like egg at all, so I didn't have to rewash it like I had initially thought I needed to do.

I'm honestly so glad I was introduced to this brand as so far, it's working wonders on my hair. The retail price is also very affordable ranging from £2.99 for their shampoos and £5.99 for their hair masks at Superdrug.

You can visit their website here, where they explain the different herbs they use and the range of products that they sell to suit both your hair type and problem.

Have any of you used any Vatika products before?

Laila xo

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  1. I haven't tried any Vatika products before, but after this review I'll probably buy some x Great post

  2. I woud like to try the Egg and honey mask, since I like honey, and you said that egg is good for protein. I will try to find that product! I never tried Vatika before, but since you said it's good, I would like to now! Hope you have a very nice weekend!


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