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To those of you who read my Bloggers Ball post (find it here), you'd know that I was really looking forward to my TOAD Diary to arrive. To those new readers (hi there!), at the event I was given a promotional code to customise my very own diary for free, which I did so straight away and this is the result!

As you can see, I wanted to include a Mean Girl element onto my diary because I'm absolutely obsessed. I'm really chuffed with how it looks, it's so cute.

The process of personalising your own diary or notebook is very simple, which is something I really liked about this brand and their website: here. It's all very clear and easy to get done. You start by choosing what kind of book you'd like: a diary or a notebook. Then you choose the size and format which can be made to track your appointments, your fitness regime or the classic weekly view diary, which is what I opted for.

I chose a minimalist cover theme as I thought it was so cute with the little cupcakes, but you have a complete wide range of themes to choose from, from really awesome molten themes to even UEFA Euros ones too, if you're into football. I like to have some notes pages at the back of my diary to add more detail to some of the things I have planned throughout the year, so I was glad I could add this onto my order. And it also comes with a contents page which I thought it was quite interesting, as I'll be able to find my notes more easily.

You then choose the duration of your diary which can go up to cover 36 months and the month and day you want it to start on.

I'm really glad I came across TOAD Diaries as I really like that it's made in the UK and that you have control of how you want your diary to look.

On the back page, I decided to add my blog name as I thought I'd use my diary for blog planning. The 'werk it and twerk it' is a motto I came up with when I was back in school and I since then my friends use it quite a lot and it's sort of become like our thing.

If you'd like to try TOAD Diaries, they do a sample diary on their website which you can test first!

Do you own a TOAD diary?

Laila xo

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  1. This diary is the cutest!
    I would love to keep in touch with you and your posts, want to follow each other on Bloglovin or GFC? Tell me if you do!

  2. Beautiful diary ! I love diaries :)

  3. It looks so good! I want it x

  4. This is really cool! The idea of being able to customise your own diary to your liking is awesome. I really want one now!!
    Chanté|The Enchantéd Blog

  5. great post!

  6. Aww so cute, hope the brand are at Bloggers Festival so I can make one 😀


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