Film workshop with Eulàlia Ramon


After a whole week of intensive work on a film with the famous Eulàlia Ramon as part of our European Cinema module; on today's final day of editing, I was overwhelmed to see the final piece.

I took the role of directing, and even though it was tough to handle the job at some points - like when a girl in my group had come in late and Eulàlia wanted me to dismiss her, or when the camera guy had lost all the footage after a long day of filming, and we had to refilm everything from scratch- it was all still worth it, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Although, perhaps for the second time, I wouldn't allow certain said people to perform certain jobs.

But since my dream is to become a film director, I found the experience truly insightful and worthwhile. We decided to make a horror movie trailer, and it all had to be done on the university campus; despite the limited space to film, we found the perfect locations and made great use of them. There was a moment when we needed to film on a set of stairs and when the receptionist of the house we had asked permission to film in, found us shooting there, she started telling us that we weren't allowed and that we needed to inform her two weeks prior to the day due to the health and safety regulations. Eulàlia, being the expert in those situations, handled the little problem immediately, saying that we were only rehearsing despite the receptionist having seen the whole camera equipment set up.

"Time is money," is what Eulàlia said after having done the shooting -on the spot, while the receptionist was still arguing with her- and was having a smoke outside the venue. She didn't let the receptionist's words stop her from getting her way.

I learnt a lot these seven days, and I'm quite sad that they have now ended. But I will definitely stay in touch with them, and fingers crossed, let it be the beginning of the realisation of my film directing dream.

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