Fun Day Out


So, today was lovely. I met up with a friend whom I haven't seen in months, and went to a cute cafe in Syon park. We caught up with so much, and remembered so many embarrassing moments we shared in school.
After that, we walked to Pets at Home where we saw the cute bunnies and guinea pigs and I tried hard to restrain myself from buying all the cute fluffy fur balls.
Then, it had been so long that we hadn't seen each other that we walked to a different park not so far away.
On the way, I took my friend to a lovely cute shabby bookshop, that is literally the cutest thing. Inside, it smelled of old books and cinnamon and I just wanted to sit on the floor and get lost in all the books. But sadly that couldn't be the case. We needed to move on.

So we went to Osterly park and just strolled around for ages. My legs were aching when I got home, and mum made me the nicest cappuccino that literally made me feel so much better.

So, yeah. That was my day. Pretty long and tiring, but I loved it!

[100happydays, Day 1]

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