Nails, nails, nails.


So, I've recently come back from a small trip to Paris and I bought a really cute nail varnish from KIKO for2.5 which is only £2.03.
The nail varnish is Peony Pink, glitters and has really good texture to it. It's quick-dry and doesn't necessarily need a second layer, because it is thick enough. However, it's always best to do a second coating, as it lasts longer.
Online, this nail varnish costs £2.50 so in a way, it was much cheaper getting abroad than over here. So do make a trip to Paris and get yours now, haha.
The little nail decorations, you will never believe, I found in Poundland for a quid! Absolute bargain, and they are so cute! Do get your hands on them, quick!

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