Rescue Mission


On Friday, I called the RSPCA because a cat that loved to come to my garden looked like it was in so much pain and it made me panic, as I hadn't seen him like that before.

I don't know whose cat he was, but I sure as heck dislike the owners as it seems as though they abandoned him when they realised his grave condition and didn't want to pay for his treatment.

I grew so fond of this cat, because for a while I tried to make him trust me as I used to put food out for him, and slowly tried to see if he let me pet him, which after a while he did! He was such a sweet little Tabby cat, that just wanted to be loved. My cat and him used to get into fights, because Albus used to get jealous that I was feeding him and that I tried to make him like me.

However, about two months ago, I noticed that 'Kitty' (which is what I used to call him, as I obviously didn't know what his real name was) began to change. He began to lose fur in his hind legs and tail and began to limp. At that time Kitty didn't really let me get near him, so I couldn't get a good look at his condition. But, miraculously, after a week his fur began to grow back even though, his limp remained. I also noticed that he was beginning to spend a lot of time in my garden. Once I saw him sleeping underneath our garden table. But anyway, the moment when I began to fully worry was when I noticed that he couldn't hold his pee. He would always have a pool of urine underneath him, and even leave traces of poo behind. In that moment, I knew that I probably shouldn't let Albus near him as the cat was clearly carrying somekind of disease.

Matters got worse. Once he tried so hard to come inside my house as the flies that followed him everywhere, wouldn't leave him alone. They would hover over his behind and I could tell it irritated the cat a lot, as he wasn't able to stay in one place for a long time. So this one time, after I had finished putting food out for him, he went over to the door and began to push it with his paw and came in as soon as there was a gap big enough for him to fit through; however, once inside he refused to leave even when I tried to shoo him out. I began to cry because I felt so sorry for him, as I knew my parents wouldn't let him stay inside because he was peeing all over the place. So, I kind of built him a little home from an old cabinet we had outside and he quickly settled in and happily slept inside it.

We had a barbecue about two weeks ago, and I had put out some meat for him to eat. However, he never came, and for about ten days he didn't come back. I thought his owners had finally realised that the cat needed serious help, or that they might have moved home.. On Thursday, thanfully the cat came back. I honestly have tears in my eyes remembering how happy he was to see me. My dad was the one that actually called me outside to tell me that the cat had come back, and as I quickly got to the garden I saw Kitty running towards me and mewoing. I patted his head with a smile on my face as I heard him purr with happiness. It was such a lovely moment, as I'm an animal lover and my aim was to make that cat like me, and when I saw he truly did I felt so overwhelmed and began to cry. Sadly, we noticed that the cat had lost a lot of weight and his behind seemed as though something was stuck there. The poor cat stank of urine and the flies quickly followed him. However, I noticed that his return made him more attached to me as I saw him follow me everywhere. He even began to try and rub himself against me. I felt so sorry for him, as I knew he really wanted a home.

It was when I woke up the next day that I saw him sleeping in one of our garden chairs and as I went to give him food, I saw his urine on the chair had blood. I called my mum, and we decided to call the RSPCA. This cat needed serious help.

After hours of trying to contact them, and waiting for their email, they told me that I had to confine him as my message had been passed on to an officer and they were coming to get him. I had to borrow a cat basket from the neighbour, as I didn't trust the cabinet I had used as his home to keep him there for the three-hour-long wait that took the RSPCA to get to my house. The cat began to meow and get violent, that he even scratched me. My mum almost had a panic attack when she saw my scratch mark as she didn't want it to get infected knowing the cat's condition; so I disinfected it like a kazillion times and finally convinced my mum that I wasn't going to get rabies. I was having lunch when I decided to go back and check how the cat was faring, when I saw he had somehow managed to get out of his confinement and go back to the cabinet. I didn't want to go back outside as 1) I didn't want him to scratch me again and 2) I didn't want him to think I was going to try and put him back in the basket and have him run away.

At around 6pm the RSPCA officer finally arrived. She was so lovely and helpful that she praised my good intention at trying to save the poor cat's life. When she saw him, however, she told me that the cat was seriously ill and that there was a very small chance of actually being able to save his life, the best solution was to put him down. She said that his septum was no longer attached to his body and that was why he couldn't hold his pee in. She added that she would call me after they had taken him to the hospital, so I would know what had happened to him.

About two hours later, the call came and she told me that the cat was "now in heaven". I bursted into tears as soon as I heard that as I felt so guilty for somehow being the one to end his life. But the officer told me that I shouldn't feel that way, because I actually relieved him from his misery. He couldn't even sit and was in so much pain. That I should be happy that he at least had me, as without me he would have had a very shitty death.

I miss him. He was such a gentle and friendly cat, that I'm glad I at least helped him in some way. Saving him made me want to take care of more animals, and save them all! The officer also told me, that I could volunteer at the RSPCA at the cat shelter seeing as I am so fond of animals, and so I will deifnitely try and do that this summer. I will deifnitely keep you all updated on how that turns out.

This is a picture of the cat that I had on Instagram, he was adorable.

Rest in peace little Kitty xo

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