Remember the cousin I went to visit in Lyon? Well, she made a trip to Paris for the weekend and really wanted to go to Disneyland with some friends. At first, I wasn't supposed to be going, because I had to meet a classmate and do the coursework that was due in the next day. However, I couldn't possible pass up the chance, especially since it was going to be decorated in all its Christmas decorations! So, I was stuck in a dilemma of course! The trip was taking place on Sunday 14th December 2014 and on Saturday, I literally texted my friend telling her that my cousin was in Paris and that she really wanted me to spend time with her as she wasn't going to see me until God knows when, and if we could meet at 18:00 instead (I obviously exaggerated the whole situation, but made sure to leave Disneyland out of it), after what seemed ages, she finally replied completely understanding the situation and agreeing to the time change. I honestly felt like a little child again when I realised I was actually going to be able to go to Disneyland!

It was unbelievable, I seriously couldn't sleep that night. Anyway, after meeting at 7:30am at Châtelet les Halles we were finally on the RER A and on our way to DISNEYLAND!

We got there by 8:30am and the day was so gloomy and foggy, that we couldn't see anything, but we made sure to not let that dampen our spirits! We bought our tickets and were all ready to explore the two parks, when we were told that the gates didn't open until 09:30! We waited an hour until they opened, but at least we were first in the queue!

And when we got in, it felt so magical that I almost felt like crying because I was actually there!

Seeing all the Christmas decorations was making me so excited for Christmas, I really wanted the day to last forever.

But boy, was it free-zing!! I couldn't move my fingers, and do you know that guy in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie whose toe falls of because of the cold? Well, I seriously felt like that was going to happen to me with all my toes and fingers. So we went into this really cute café to grab something hot to drink, and after purchasing a Disney mug with my other because I couldn't pass up the chance of holding the cute thing, I was ready to embark on the wonderful adventure. And just as we were paying for our things, it started to snow! Yes, it snowed! In Disneyland! It may have only lasted 10 seconds, but IT SNOWED! And it was so magical, I couldn't believe it was happening.

We hoped it would snow again, but it never did.

However, the fog did add to that mystical feeling in the Pirates of the Caribbean section of the park. It made it all that bit more eerie and as if a pirate was going to pop out any second, but I loved it!

The POTC ride was adorable, we got into this boat and got to go inside this cave where all of Barbosa's treasure was hidden. Since we only had till 4pm to enjoy ourselves, because then we had to leave, we therefore had to quickly move on to the second park. We did manage to squeeze in the Indiana Jones ride just before we left though! The only disappointing thing about the rides, was that they didn't even last a minute :(

The Tower of Terror was my favourite ride! Once we were buckled in our seats and the elevator fell from the top of the tower, I felt as though my heart was ready to fall out of my chest. But it was brilliant, I really wanted to go again, but we obviously didn't have time and the queues took ages, so it was off to enjoy another ride.

This last and final ride was at Toy Story. After waiting in the queue for an hour, we got inside the famous green car and were driven to and from each point of the semi-circle until the car lost its speed and we were back in the middle again. These kind of rides are not my favourite, because you honestly feel as though you're heart is going to leave your body, but I still try them even though I know what they're like.

Sadly, before I knew it, it was already 4pm and it was time for us to leave. The day was fabulous and I spent it with the best people and the memories we created will live in my heart forever. But, I promised myself that I would have to go at least one more time before I leave Paris because there were other rides that I wanted to go on and we didn't have the time, and also because you can never get enough of Disneyland!

[100happydays, Day 6]

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  1. so cute! love this!

    Check out my fave of today!


  2. It looks like you guys had so much fun :)

    ❅ AJ

  3. Those pictures bring back so many gorgeous memories!


  4. love disneyland, awesome photos!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin


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