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So after having looked at my blog, I knew it was missing something. And that something turned out to be some beauty tips! Therefore, I will occasionally write up some posts including some beauty and skincare tips and reviews that I hope would come in handy for you guys!

With the winter season upon us, I sometimes feel that my face is at its most vulnerable stage due to the harsh wind that could end up leaving my skin rough and certainly dry as well. That's why, I decided to make this first skincare post about some of the creams I use to treat my skin.

First up is Olay Essentials Night Cream 

This products is for normal dry and oily skin, and when I first purchased this product I had my doubts, as I wasn't too sure if it would make my skin smoother. However, once I started applying it every night, I found that on the morrow my skin felt smoother even after the first try!

It also sinks in the skin really fast which I liked, because it didn't leave my skin feeling sticky. This night cream also doesn't smell of anything, so it didn't actually bother me during the night. Definitely a must have!

2. Olay Essentials Day Cream

This cream was definitely fair priced, and its texture on your skin is really comforting. As soon as you apply the cream, it leaves it feeling moisturised and healthy. Very much like the night cream, it's fast sinking and doesn't smell too strong. It also has a SPF15 and has anti-oxident Vitamin E. Definitely one of my favourite day creams, which is why I went for the 100ml rather than 50ml like I had done the first time I bought it.

3. Botanics Day Cream

Now this is the first time I am trying the Botanics range in face creams and I have honestly high hopes for this product, as it has been extracted from plants. And in this case, the Hibiscus plant which helps increase cell renewal. So far, I am quite happy with this product.

It's colour is quite nice (it's got a soft pinkish and purplish colour - similar to that I am using for the link page) which I quite liked. It certainly smells nice too and the texture is not too heavy either. Once applied on my skin, I can instantly feel the hydrating feeling I experience with the Olay product, but the difference with this is that I can also feel it under the surface of my skin too which is great! It's quite cooling and when I rub my hands over my face, I can feel it softer than it had been before I applied the cream on. It also leaves my face looking brighter, which is what is stated on the bottle and so I'm overall happy with this product.

4. Botanics Night Cream

The only problem I have with this product is its smell during the night. It takes a bit of time to fully sink into my skin and so the smell of the cream is left hovering around my nose which could be quite dizzying at times. However, it does its job and leaves my face feeling soft and smooth just like I expected. But, I think that once I finished the bottle, I rather buy the Olay Night Cream than this one again.

Let me know if you've tried any of these brands and if you liked them. It would be cool to know what creams you guys use, and if you recommend them.

Until next time!

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  1. Great post! Very informative.

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  2. ah i hate products that don't smell nice :(

    1. Same, but as long as the smell isn't too strong. Thanks for stopping by xo

  3. Love olay! Great post :) x


  4. i love olay products
    i definitely would be interested to try out botanics products :)

    1. oh definitely do, they're quite good.
      Thanks for stopping by hun xo


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