Quick & Easy Pasta and Creme Fraishe Recipe


Being a student is sometimes hard because you don't really have time to cook for yourself and your budget isn't that broad. So, after opening my fridge and seeing the crème fraiche that I had bought two days ago, I knew I had to use it before it went out of date. I decided to also use the chicken fillets I had as well and what better way than to combine these two things than with pasta!

So for the quick & easy steps to make this delicious pasta and crème fraishe recipe; all you need is:

300g Chicken breast fillets
350ml low fat crème fraishe
300g wholemeal fusili pasta
salt and pepper to taste

Method (serves 2):
1) Boil water inside a large pan.
2) Fry the chicken on a medium heat until well cooked and lightly brown. Set aside.
3) Place pasta into the boiling water and bring back to the boil whilst simmering occasionally for 10 minutes.
4) Slice the chicken into small strips.
5) Once pasta is ready drain the water and add the crème fraishe. Simmer the crème nicely until all pasta is coated and then add the chicken.
6) Season to taste.
7) Serve and enjoy.

*Can add oregano or parsley to the pasta to give it a different flavour.


Tell me if you guys would try it and if you did, what did you think?

Until next time! xo

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  1. Yum! This looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  2. Love it! I need to try this :) x


  3. This looks delicious!!


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